Vinyl flooring manufacturer Solution for Importor

Vinyl flooring manufacturer Solution for Importor

vinyl flooring importer business
5 common challenges faced by vinyl flooring importers

Wasting a lot of time dealing with related documents for your customer?
Received many samples but not sure if they are trustworthy?
Inspection and shipment of goods are not on time?
Do logistics costs exceed your budget?
Difficult to identify which supplier is trustworthy?

Regardless of exceptional circumstances, importers can often experience delivery delays, problems with paperwork missing, or products not handled appropriately and typically the result of poor supply chain management. If you’re struggling to get the products you want to be Imported In the professional and careful manner required, then it might be time to contact Ultrasurfacefloor.

How to free yourself from boring paperwork?
For Importer customers, we provide customized files to free up your time, and send you free excel version files without logos for you to modify;
We can also provide file modification services directly if needed.

How to choose the right sample among multiple supplier samples?
Sample confirmation is one of the key points before the transaction. Everyone will choose the best sample to send to you. You will receive various types of floor samples. How to distinguish which sample is correct?

Take all samples for inspection? -the cost is too high
Randomly choose a sample that looks better? -Unreliable

Here are some ways to help you find trusted samples.

First of all, please request the same specification floor when you ask for samples,
The first screening can be done by analyzing their surface profile, clean and undamaged samples must be better.
Furthermore, you can try to test the locking system, the sample locking system with poor material is easy to break;
Finally, you can trust the flooring manufacturer whose samples provide quality inspection reports.
The sample has a quality inspection report, indicating that it has an independent laboratory, which has beaten more than 80% of the factories.

Our sample package will be accompanied by a quality inspection report, which will help you confirm whether the performance of the sample meets your standards and requirements.

 How do track the logistics of goods?
Express delivery is easy to track, but ocean logistics is difficult. This is because there are many uncertainties. The logistics situation at sea is beyond our control, which means that we face many unknown risks.
ultrasurfacefloor has a professional logistics team, you can contact us at any time to check the situation of your goods, at ultrasurfacefloor, we are proud to promise our customers that your goods will be delivered safely and on time
 How can I improve my factory inspection process?
Since the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, many daily international travel has become an online communication method. Under the epidemic, everyone basically maintained the old supplier cooperation. Since there was no way to visit the factory in China, so It is also difficult to identify new suppliers online.
Ultrasurfacefloor supports online factory inspections and third-party inspections. You can trust a third-party agency to conduct factory inspections, or through online meetings. We always welcome you to come to the factory for inspection.
How to confirm whether the supplier is worthy of cooperation?
This is a question every buyer will encounter, and we have written an article to help you learn how to find a qualified flooring supplier. 

Why Work With Ultrasurfacefloor?
Some of the benefits of Ultrasurfacefloor as custom vinyl flooring manufacturers
We are an ethical vinyl flooring manufacturer
We have been making vinyl flooring since 2002
We’ll make your vinyl flooring line from a sustainable material and we’ll make it using sustainable methods
We have already got many certificates such as Floorscore, CE Certificate, SGS, and Intertek test report. Our factory has also got the ISO9001(Quality Management System) and ISO14001(Environment Management System) certificates.
We offer low minimum order quantities (MOQ) of 500sqm per design/color in any size

Vinyl Flooring style
Average price for new vinyl flooring
Glue down pvc/vinyl flooring(LVT)
SPC flooring/Rigid core
40% more than LVT
WPC core flooring
100% more than LVT
We've manufacted more than 9 million square meters of flooring for our customers every year
lvt flooring price
spc flooring price
pvc flooring price