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Our most extensive range of guarantees
When you purchase from Ultrasurface, we want to make sure you have complete peace of mind that you will receive the best level of service and care for your home so you can enjoy your Ultrasurface products worry-free for many years to come.

Ultrasurface 10 & 25 is our new range of extensive guarantees which are market-leading and aim to give you peace of mind when buying an Ultrasurface product that covers you for product defects and faulty workmanship.

Ultrasurface 10 & 25 operates alongside and in addition to the protections afforded by our membership. This provides consumers who use Ultrasurface to fit their flooring important cover. It means that your flooring are produced by a certified manufacturer, that the work complies with European building material manufacturing regulations, and importantly that you will have a membership-backed guarantee – which covers the cost of replacing your products in line with our standard guarantees.
Summary of cover
(See below for the full range of flooring models)

Ultrasurface 10 year guarantee (residential)
Ultrasurface LVT / glue down PVC / vinyl flooring at 2mm / 3mm thickness(with a more than 0.2mm wear-layer), this is the popular model for a residential place to use.

The guarantee builds the confidence for clients to choose this model as a long time use item. 
Ultrasurface 25 year guarantee (residential)
Ultrasurface LVT / SPC flooring at 3.0mm/4.0mm thickness(no less than 0.3mm wear-layer), this model is our market-leading item among the different models in our all products. 

This type can be used for the light commercial areas as well (we offer 5years light commercial guarantee). 
Ultrasurface lifetime guarantee(residential)
This is our premium offering enabling you to gain lifetime cover for the luxury vinyl flooring. LVT / SPC / WPC core flooring at 5.0mm-10mm range(with no less than 0.5mm wear-layer) is the highest level among all our PVC / vinyl flooring types. 

This type also has a 10years commercial guarantee. 

All these above guarantees do not cover accidental breakage, and provide the product is correctly maintained as required.
5 years residential use
10 years residential use
25 years residential use & 5 years commercial use
lifetime residential use & 10 years commercial use
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