why do floors creak?

why do floors creak?

why do floors creak?

why do floors creak?

Squeaky floors due to uneven subfloors or excess moisture

This problem is common in solid wood floors, laminate floors.

Causes of Squeaky Floors

In solid wood floors, creaking is often the result of vertical movement. The more you creak, the more it moves. An uneven subfloor could be the culprit again. It can also be caused by too much moisture. Solid wood absorbs moisture and excess moisture easily, and boards are likely to expand and contract with changes in humidity.


Repair that sub-floor, or fix that sub-floor (the repair process involves lifting the floor and leveling it, or reinforcing it with nails and glue), get a professional to see what's going on under your floor and see what's causing the problem.

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Our SPC floor rarely has this kind of problem. If there is, please check whether the above reasons occur in time, or contact our experts immediately

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